Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of projects do you work on?

Since the outset of WKworks, we have worked on a tremendous range of projects each requiring their own unique set of solutions. These include offices, hotels, bars, restaurants, universities & schools, airports, retail environments, private residential work, gyms & leisure centres, training centres, government & NGO projects etc.

Do you work overseas?

Our work takes us all over the world and we have worked on projects on all the populated continents. We have worked extensively across Europe, the Middle East, Far East, Australia, USA & Canada. We are used to dealing with each country’s unique legislation and import system.

What are the lead times on the products?

Typically most products are on 6-8 week lead time. If your project requires furniture quickly we can always source things on faster lead times and have been known to turnaround so quite sizeable projects in under 2 weeks.

Do you do bespoke work?

A lot of our projects require an element of bespoke work from getting standard pieces in custom sizes to creating completely new, one-off pieces. We work with a number of suppliers & work-shops throughout the UK and Europe who can do all kinds of work.