Metis sofa system

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Metis by Saba Italia is a truly modular system with moveable back / sides.

Fully upholstered in a range of fabric including eco leather.

Covers removeable

Exposed metal frame in black chrome or black.

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Saba’s new modular sofa is flexible and soft at the same time, Metis is characterized by elegant and visible metal hinges that connect the various elements, through hooks and rotations. Distinctive of the design is the precious quilting that sculpts the volumes of the seats, backrests and armrests.

Pouf is also available.

Metis works on the basis of single units with hinged back/sides rest to composed a truly dynamic modular sofa system for home or contract use.

Saba’s Metis sofa is available in a full range of fabric. Fully removable covers.
The exposed hinges available in black chrome or black painted metal.

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